When some people follow the codes, others break them and play with them, like René Lacoste when he cut the sleeves of his shirt to create the polo shirt. The streets of New York’s East Village remember the man who used their walls the way others use a canvas. Lacoste pays tribute to Keith Haring the artist and unveils an artistic and socially conscious collection.


LACOSTE presents its brand new collection with the 20th century pop icon Keith Haring. A street art genius of the 1980s, Keith Haring is known for the simplicity of his line, his bright colours outlined in black and his animated figures who express his energy, zest for life and spontaneity: common values shared with the French company, which pays homage to the unique world and vision of this pioneer who had already understood the importance of combining art and fashion.


LACOSTE has delved into the oeuvre some better known than others, and transposed them onto a wide range of clothing and accessories for adults and children. In line with a fashion world celebrating the return of the 1980s and the spirit of urban culture, these exclusive and original garments serve as a canvas for some legendary and timeless works by the multi-faceted American artist. A creative alchemy which generates a collection accurately reflecting the image of the two entities.


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