In the heart of Langstraat, in the city of Waalwijk, Hermanus Greve began his shoemakers’ shop in 1898. From the very beginning his workshop had only one goal: to make Holland’s most stylish and superior shoes. Since then Greve is a small, yet very exclusive Dutch shoe brand. Today we are still very much reminiscent of our rich history. We remain a proud family business, wich is currently run by one of the 4th generation of Greves: Mr. Jos Jan Greve IV.

The brand Greve became famous for its handmade, traditional brogues and moccasins. Today Greve is a stylish, fashionable shoe of inimitable quality. Since August 2015, that image is captured in a campaign, in collaboration with artist Marie Cecile Thijs. Also in this campaign you can see the hand of the Dutch Master. Produced with today’s techniques.

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